Welcome to Ash

Ash class includes learners from years three to six who work together brilliantly to ensure good progress and great learning experiences for all.

Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Racey share responsibility for class teaching, with Mrs Humphreys teaching on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Mrs Racey teaching on Thursday and Friday.

In Ash class we ensure that our learners are provided with the practical and hands-on learning experiences they require to become well rounded, enthusiastic and determined students. This is what our children have to say about life in Ash.

“I like the way the work varies, there is work that stretches everybody in the class” Yasi (year 6)

“I like the stories we learn about in English-they are really adventurous!” Sam (year 3)

Our class blog

‘Dream On’ Production

The children left Mrs Clarke speechless last night with their amazing performance of 'Dream On'. This year our whole school production was an adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream'.  Children, staff, parents and grandparents all [...]

School Council Halloween Harvest

Gardening Club harvested the pumpkins and the parsnips today. Later, School Council admired the produce and held a competition to carve them for Halloween. We shall look forward to the winning spooky creations after half [...]

Natural Learning Habitats Day

Ash Class were learning outside again today.  This time we were exploring the habitats and biodiversity of Methley Meadow.  The children tackled problem solving activities, pitching themselves in their stretch zone to solve either [...]

Easter Open Day

On Wednesday 29th March, Hennock held its second open day of the academic year. The Easter themed day, began with an assembly at the Church in which we shared all that Reverend Hamilton had taught [...]

Naturemake Workshop with artist Naomi Vincent.

  WOW - What an inspiring day!  Ash are bursting with pride after our incredible day spent making miniature worlds.  The ecstatic response of the children to Naomi's stunning resources catalyzed their imaginations and created [...]

Year 6 enjoy a day of Science at South Devon University Technical College

Year 6 rounded off their Science Week with a day of hands on Science at South Devon Technical College.  The children engineered their own rockets; made their own indicator solution from red cabbage; watched [...]

Anti-Bullying Workshop with Bigfoot Theatre

This morning Ash Class had a fantastic experience exploring anti-bullying issues through drama.  Charlie, from Bigfoot Theatre, led the workshops seamlessly slipping in and out of role.   We used freeze frames and [...]

World Book Day 2017

World Book Day On March 2nd Hennock celebrated World Book Day in style! The children were invited to come to school as their favourite story characters in readiness for our ‘best dressed’ competition. The teachers [...]

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

Autumn term ended with our wonderful production 'Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies'. "This was the best play they've ever done," "Such creative sets!" commented our audience. Afterwards, children reflected on their learning: Tommy, The Sheriff [...]

Residential 2016

Great Potheridge House What an amazing residential experience we've enjoyed this year! On Wednesday 19th October, we met our friends from Bearnes, and the wonderful staff from Potheridge House, at Hound Tor for a day [...]

Edible Nature Walk

On Friday 14th October, Willows and Ash joined with Gin, our Forest School Leader, to go on an Edible Nature Walk. We gathered blackberries and apples and cooked a fruit compote over the campfire.  We [...]

The Romans are Coming!

On Friday 18th September, a Roman Soldier from the 2nd Augusta legion visited Ash Class.  In role as Dumnonii tribal Britons, Ash had to decide whether to defend their existing culture or peacefully accept [...]