Welcome to Ash

Ash class includes learners from years three to six who work together brilliantly to ensure good progress and great learning experiences for all.

Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Racey share responsibility for class teaching, with Mrs Humphreys teaching on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Mrs Racey teaching on Thursday and Friday.

In Ash class we ensure that our learners are provided with the practical and hands-on learning experiences they require to become well rounded, enthusiastic and determined students. This is what our children have to say about life in Ash.

“I like the way the work varies, there is work that stretches everybody in the class” Yasi (year 6)

“I like the stories we learn about in English-they are really adventurous!” Sam (year 3)

Our class blog

Hunter Gatherer Day


Birch Tree Restaurant


Ash Class – Chocolate Trip to Exeter

Ash Class have been on a fantastic trip to Exeter today linked to their Chocolate and Fair Trade topic. Click on the link to see what we got up to. https://spark.adobe.com/page/ZBMgBiOGgLnlV/

Problem Solving Event – 22.5.18

Take a look at what some of Ash class got up to yesterday afternoon. It was a fantastic event. https://spark.adobe.com/page/Hy43mkcW59bIq/