On Wednesday 10th January Pre-School joined Hennock Toddlers for a Natural Learning Adventure in Stover Country Park.
The session started with a song and dance to warm us up. We then played animal hide and seek. We shared a snack and some hot chocolate and soon started to feel much warmer. Whilst we were eating our snack a cheeky squirrel decided to join us.
We looked at a picture of a little boat in the story book ‘Stormy Weather’ and decided to make our own little boats. The children gathered natural materials to make their boats and discussed which they thought may sink or float. The children made little boats and tested them in the water. They observed that although clay was really useful to stick their boats together, it was in fact very heavy and caused their boats to sink. The children discovered that feathers and corks made the best boats.
On our way back the children spotted lots of different ducks and gulls. A friendly Robin followed us back to the cars, where another cheeky squirrel was waiting for us.
A great morning was had by all.