The morning started with us going on a stick hunt so we could build fire. Gin explained we had to look for dead sticks and we could identify them by snapping them or peeling back the bark to make sure it wasn’t green. The children had to find ten sticks each, we used our Mathematical skills to make sure we had found the right amount. We then watched Gin light the fire.
Whilst the fire was burning down to embers we made magic paintings. We used clear wax to create our art work and then used water colours to paint over the wax and reveal our master pieces.
Once the fire had cooled down enough, we had a go at cooking popcorn! We put a small amount of oil on some tin foil and then put some popcorn kernels on top. We wrapped our tin foil up to make little parcels and put them on the embers. We listened very carefully to hear the corn pop. Once we thought the popcorn had been on long enough, we opened our parcels to reveal our cooked popcorn! It was delicious!