The children left Mrs Clarke speechless last night with their amazing performance of ‘Dream On’.

This year our whole school production was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  Children, staff, parents and grandparents all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and all got involved to help make the evening a huge success.  The creativity of the whole school  ‘sets and props’ day;  Miss Gentile’s professional tips at Performance Club; the lighting and sound set up from residential backstage pro Mr Garrigan;  drama rehearsals with Mrs Racey and Mrs Humphreys all contributed to the final sparkle.

It was an ambitious project that put all of us into our stretch zone.  Here are some of the children’s reflections, they speak for themselves:

When I first got a main part a rush of pressure shot through my veins, yet deep down I knew I could do it”.  Bottom-Year 6

” I got help from my teachers and they inspired me to do all the lines. When I achieved it I felt happy and amazed.” Theseus -Year 5

” I have become more confident on stage, I have learnt to play my role better through using actions. I think the play was magnificent, it blew the audience’s mind.” Quince -Year 6

” If you’ve got lots of support and you practise you’ll always make it.” Luigi -Year 3

“I had forty lines to learn, without including my songs, and I am only Year 4!”- Demetrius

“I felt really grateful for all the help we had.  When I achieved it I felt boosted and full of excitement.” Titania -Year 5

“One of my greatest challenges was to really belt my words out and speak really loudly.  I tried to use the centre stage to show my confidence.” Helena – Year 4