Birch Tree Restaurant

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Willow Class – Aquarium Trip

Willow Class had a fantastic time at the Aquarium in Plymouth last week. Take a Look at Miss Gentile's blog.

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Disgusting Sandwiches

Willow class have been learning the story 'The Disgusting Sandwich'. What a disgusting time they had!

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Victorian Toy Museum

Willow class invited younger children and parents to their very own Victorian Toy Museum.

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Willow Class – Victorian Classroom

Willow class travelled back in time this afternoon to the Victorian era. Take a look at the link below to see what they got up to:

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School Council Halloween Harvest

Gardening Club harvested the pumpkins and the parsnips today. Later, School Council admired the produce and held a competition to carve them for Halloween. We shall look forward to the winning spooky creations after half term!

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Toby the Tortoise

Toby the Tortoise has been in Miss Marian's family for nearly 30 years and he came to visit Willow class today. We found out what he likes to eat, where he sleeps and how he hibernates during the winter. We drew a tortoise's life-cycle and then painted watercolour pictures of Toby, but most of all [...]

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Science Week

Willow Class have had an exciting Science Week. At school, we have planted our favourite vegetables in the garden and continued to find out about our caterpillars and their life-cycles. We have also visited Bearnes’ Chestnut Class to take part in some science experiments. We found out about chemical reactions and used bicarbonate of soda [...]

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Bicton Gardens Trip

Willow class went to Bicton Gardens today. In the museum, Fred showed us how to turn on the Traction Engines. Alex told Fred about some of the machinery on his farm. Stan really enjoyed climbing the tree to take the class photo to put on this website that you are now reading. Whilst he was on the tree [...]

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Edible Nature Farm Visit

The children in Willows class enjoyed a visit to Stickwick Farm on Friday 21st October. The children, who included Year 3 from Ash Class, were welcomed by Alison Wonnacott and given demonstrations and activities to teach them about growing vegetables and where our food comes from. The children planted broad beans and sweet peas and had [...]

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